2020 Fly Nationals Results

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2020 Fly Nationals Results

Dave Groves
Hi All,
            Please find attached the final results for the 2020 SSAA Fly Shoot Nationals held this past weekend in Canberra.

We had a big weekend, with 83 competitors in Heavy Gun, 71 in Light Gun and 71 in Rimfire.

Congratulations to Jacko (Anthony Bending) for his performance in Centrefire, winning both Heavy Gun (266.04) and Light Gun (253.05), which netted him the Jim McKinley Cup for winner of the Centrefire Fly Nationals, the Federal Cup for Heavy Gun and the Federal Light Gun Trophy for Light Gun.

Second in Heavy Gun was Greg Chapman with 262.04 ahead of Mark Lacey with 251.05.

Small Group for Heavy Gun went to Matt Riches with a 1.07" group and High Scoring Target was Greg Chapman with a 59.03.

Second in Light Gun went to Nick Aagren with a 242.02 ahead of Greg Chapman with a 241.03.

Small Group for Light Gun went to Anthony Hall with a 1.643" group, and high scoring target went to Dave Zucconi with a 59.01.

Rimfire was won by Fred Blacker with 266.06 ahead of Michael Bell with 263.04  and Matt Riches with 261.05 in third.

Small Group for Rimfire went to Fred Blacker with a new National Record of .827" and Rimfire High Scoring Target went to Annie Elliot with a fantastic 60.04.

Our Naming Rights sponsors for the BRT Federal Cup, Annie and Stuart Elliott put on a magnificent prize table, with every shooter leaving with a prize, including Berger Bullets, AMP discount vouchers, with the amazing first prize for the lucky draw being a March 8 - 80 Rifle Scope.

Russell Le Maitre of Group Solutions Gunsmithing donated a Hardy 6mm Barrel, including fitting.

Kathy Dundas of No Fuss Homeloans donated a $300 cash prize to the winner of Rimfire.

Ken Melgaard donated 2 packets of 200 of his new 6mm 108gn VLD's

ADI Sporting Powders donated 4 x 500gm bottles of powder.

Many thanks to all of the shooters who travelled from near and far to make the event what it was, the Canberra team worked well together to put on the biggest event we have ever run, this was made easy by the shooters all being there to enjoy themselves in the spirit of Fly Shooting and Rule 10!

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make the event run so smoothly, and some of the travellers who helped set up and clean up, I spent a couple of hours on the range today sorting out things and there wasn't much to do.

Please see attached a PDF of the complete results, thanks to Anthony Hall for his excellent scoring program, and for setting the results up for publishing.



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Re: 2020 Fly Nationals Results

Stuart Pethy
the State vs State results

1st Vic
Anthony bending HG 266.04
Nick Aagren LG 242.02
Michael Bell RF 263.04
total 771.10

2nd NSW
Greg Chapman HG 262.04
William Bailey (J) LG 222.03
Matt Riches RF 261.05
total 745.12

3rd QLD
Mark Lacey HG 251.05
Stuart Elliott LG 224.02
Annie Elliott RF 245.06
total 720.13

4th ACT
Peter Merriman HG 219.01
Cameron Le Maitre LG 207.01
Fred Blacker RF 266.06
total 692.08

5th WA
Stuart Pethybridge HG 239.04
Colin Farquharson LG 169.01
Tony Ryan RF 257.05
total 665.10