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2023 Blue Heeler Classic

chappo (Greg Chapman)


Wagga Branch of the SSAA (NSW) kindly invite nominations for the 2023 Blue Heeler Classic Fly shoot.

Friday 18th August Range open for setup and practice from 1pm
Saturday 19th August 500m LG and HG
Sunday 20th August 300m Custom an Factory rifle
Weigh in 8am each day. Event to start at 0830am each day.
Both days run in accordance with the current Fly rules with the exception of Factory Class. (rules attached). Same fly match rules just different gun rules.

$50 for one class, $90 for two clasess, $120 for three classes and $150 for all four classes.

Fly patches for hits on the fly. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, High Target and Small group in each class.
Daily winner each day wins 1kg of ADI Powder (2208/2209)
Overall two day winner receives an IBI 27 inch 6mm 1:8 twist Spiral fluted varmint profile barrel.
LUCKY DOOR PRIZE : will be a tin of ADI powder

EFTPOS for entry fees preferred and cash for catering
Breakfast and lunch available both days.
Free camping permitted on range. Limited power available. Gravity fed hot water showers, kitchen and toilets available. Plenty of firewood on hand.

ON the fly shooter website ONLY.
Any questions to Accuracynutz@gmail.com

We are looking at holding a catered cookup on Saturday evening around 6.30pm with some smoked briskets and slow cooked rumps etc.
The idea being an informal meal/get together that those camping and those staying in town can attend. Limited cutlery for those not camping. For campers please bring your own fighting tools!
I have tasted the work of our caterer and it is first rate. Steak you can cut with a spoon.
As we will pay for this service in advance we will need nominations for catering purposes which will NOT be refundable (unless exigent circumstances exist).  MORE information on this coming soon. Please let me know on the above email if you would be interested in attending the dinner on Saturday night.

300 Metre Fly 'Factory' Class -Wagga (only applies to fly matches -not to Wagga club competition)
The rules have been drafted to reflect what is most commonly used in the field, both in terms of makes and models and common accuracy tweaks. Rules Any standard rifle from a major manufacturer (no catalogued 'target' models or custom shop versions). A list of specialist makers whose rifles  is  always changing as new gear comes on the market. Each rifle will be scrutineered in advance. If in doubt please email the match director with your guns full details.
 Single shot models are permitted. Allowable modifications are limited to action bedding, barrel free-floating, altering length of pull and adjustment, alteration or replacement of trigger (trigger must be safe, that is it must not discharge if the butt is bumped firmly on a hard surface). Stock to retain its original shape and weight with a fore-end no wider than two and one half inches (2.5"). No attachments other than a bi-pod if desired. Barrel replacement limited to a similar profile to the original available in that model in either the original or other catalogued calibre for that model. Barrel may come from the original maker or an aftermarket supplier. A factory round must chamber in the replacement barrel. Weight is limited to 5. 000kg ( as Wagga scales are certified as being accurate to +!- 5 grams (0.005kg)) a reading on these scales up to and including5.005kg meets the weight requirement. Scope power limited to 25X. Higher powered variables to be set at 25X and taped. Muzzle brakes are NOT permitted. If factory fitted and not readily removable they must be sleeved to make them non-functional. Rifles may be shot from sand-bag type rests or from a bi-pod. Magazines, when fitted, may NOT be loaded. All shots to be taken from single loading only. In the event of a dispute regarding eligibility for the class the decision of the protest committee is final. Conduct of matches as per normal Fly rules. Specialist Makers (incomplete list) - HS Precision, Robar, Christensen, Cooper, etc
"Only accurate rifles are interesting". Col Townsend Whelen