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Blue Heeler Fly results

chappo (Greg Chapman)
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Well the Blue Heeler Classic Fly weekend is done and dusted for another year. Some fantastic weather combined with great catering and some awesome competitors made a brilliant weekend of it all.

On Saturday the 500m Blue Heeler match was run in mostly fine along with some quite tricky windy conditions, despite this some excellent scores were shot.
In Heavy Gun
1st Grant Groves 260.02
2nd Dave Groves 259.02
3rd Nick Aagren 258.06
Small group Barry Tucker 1.134
High Target Michael Bell  59.0

In Light Gun
1st Ken Perrin 258.05
2nd Les Fraser 250.04
3rd GrantGroves 247.03
Small group Geoff Purdon 1.104
High Target Greg Chapman 58.01

Junior winner was Stella Cross with 225.03

On Sunday was the Bee Dee Bags 300m Fly. The top three places were separated by fly count only.

In custom class
1st Les Fraser 292.12
2nd Barry Tucker 292.07
3rd Paul Deehan 292.04
Small Group John Butts 0.693
High Target Paul Deehan 60.03

1st Fred Blacker 265.04
2nd Keith Dowell 259.01
3rd Brian Taylor 245.04
Small Group Greg Chapman 1.509
High Target Greg Chapman 58.02

Junior winner was Stella Cross with 271.05

Les Fraser won the Bartlein barrel proudly donated by Bee Dee bags.

The overall two day was hotly contested and seperated by only a few points.
2 day 1st place Grant Groves with a 547.11
2 day 2nd place was Greg Chapman with 546.12
2 day 3rd place was Paul Deehan with 544.08
2 day Junior was Stella Cross.

Grant Groves won the Maddco barrel supplied by Pro Cal trading.

The lucky door prize Maddco barrel was won by Peter Van Meurs.

Frank Cohn was the lucky volunteer who won the $100 Bunnings voucher.

Thanks to all the competitors, crew and caterers who made the weekend so enjoyable.  


"Only accurate rifles are interesting". Col Townsend Whelen
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Re: Blue Heeler Fly results

Michael Bell
  I know it seems we're endlessly thanking the people who run theses matches but I for one don't think we can do too much of it thanks to all the Wagga crew for organising this event in such a professional manner.

  There was no opportunity to become bored as the target crews were up & back so quickly you could easily miss your detail if you didn't keep an eye out!

  Thanks Chappo for posting the scores....very interested to note the quality of those scores!

  The Top five shooters in the combined categories finishing within 3 points of each other!
   8 entries scoring 250 or more .
   25 entries scoring 240 0r more....just outstanding!

Michael Bell
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Re: Blue Heeler Fly results

Michael Bell
Also... there's a bunch of new pics up in the photos section.
You might see your ugly head!!

Michael Bell
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Re: Blue Heeler Fly results

Les Fraser
In reply to this post by chappo (Greg Chapman)
To the Wagga club,

Excellent match very slick marking scoring and catering. The food was excellent and priced right very friendly people which always brings shooters to matches.

The target crew was first class fast and efficient a couple of little hurdles but finishing the days so early is just a credit to the blue heeler.

The Barrels being one of the sponsorship items is certainly a draw card and thanks to Pro cal and Bee Dee Bags.  The competition really reflects the mental approach to the match everyone wants to win and chase those highly sought after prizes.

thanks again Wagga club to an Excellent shoot Chappo, Buttsy and all the club make it the event it is.

cheers Les

shooting well is more a mental control of your thoughts than just pulling the trigger........