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Fly Shooter Ot The Year 2020

Dave Groves
Hi All,

The Clubs that run Registered Matches have discussed the current state of play with range closures and event cancellations in response to COVID-19 and the effect of that on the contest of the Shooter Of The Year title for 2020.
The Clubs have agreed that if ranges are not re-opened and there is no relaxation of restrictions on non-essential travel by the time we have 5 remaining scheduled or re-scheduled matches for the 2020 SOTY to be based upon, that the SOTY for 2020 be deemed uncontested.
In the event that 6 or more Fly Shoot Registered Matches are contested in 2020 as a result of re-scheduled events or remaining calendar events, the SOTY to be calculated as per usual on the shooters best 4 scores from any three venues.

Wishing everyone all the best for their health at this challenging time, please stay safe and look after each other.


Dave Groves