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Hilltop Results

Fred Blacker
It was great to finally get a full fly comp complete on the range. (Covid stopped us half way through our attampt last year.)
A huge thankyou to Keith & Susan Dowel, Bruce Blacker, and Max Coady. You put in an awsome effort in the scoring room over the week, and without the shoot could never happen.
Thankyou to everyone from Sydney International Shooting Centre. The work done behinds the scenes by everyone in the team was incredible, and made the hole weekend run very smoothly.
Thankyou to Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. for supporting the match and making it possible.
A massive thanks to the RFS Support Brigade for keeping everyone fed.
And finally thankyou to all the shoots who came along, with your support and attendace these shoots would not be possible.

Everyone who turned up for on Friday practice was fooled into a false sense of confidence with the sun out and only a light breeze.
Saturday saw the wind pick up slightly and the temperature drop a little. However Tim Pavey showed that it was still possible to shot some very nice targets. Shooting a screamer with his 1st light gun target, and following it up with a second screamer on his next target. As the day went on, the wind started switching around a bit, and it was very easy to get caught out if you weren't paying attention. Peter Cross managed to show everyone that sometimes you only need one shot on target to hit a fly.
And then Sunday came. The temperature plummeted and the wind pick up massively. It was coming straight down range, most of the time, with some very tricky gusts and lets offs. The weather was so cold that it was hard to feel your fingers, and some people (Robert Bernard) had the rifle go off when they didn't mean to. (Although that shotvwas his one and only fly for rimfire, so maybe it is a new technique to work on).
Congratulations to everyone. Rule 10 was definitely followed. And we now have some great range records for total scores, small groups, and high targets to aim towards for our next shoot.

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Re: Hilltop Results

Peter Cross
Thanks Fred and all those involved, Hilltop certainly is a 1st class range and you and the team run a very professional shoot.  Cant wait to return in October and yes hopefully get to put a few more holes in the paper than I managed this time

Please find attached some pictures of the weekend . Tim's two targets even shot in decent conditions were bloody beauties  but considering the wind that was blowing made them even more impressive, as was  Matty's and Young Kens (although I didn't get a picture of his  )  from Sunday.


And yes I had to include this one