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Load development

Fred Blacker
Hi all.
Another new topic get poeples opions / ideas on.
What is your methid for developing a load when it come to fly?
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Re: Load development

Stuart Pethy
Hey Fred
 i have tried Ladder testing at 300 to 500m but always seem to confuse myself doing it  haha
i tried OCW at 100m but i cant see whats happening as i believe its to close and you cant see small changes

so now i shoot 4 shot groups at 200m or 300m depending on conditions , pic below was at 300m with 6BRX and 105gr hybrids and 2208

i look for nodes that are hitting with bugger all vert and approx the same height between powder charges eg 32.3 and 32.5gr and 33.5 and 33.7gr (the low one was me)

the higher node was to fast and would hurt my cases so i picked the lower node which turned out to be 3000fps
i then load in between that node eg 32.4gr and then i test seating depths
this was done at 200m in 5 shot groups and in 0.004 increments

this has done me well in my 6BRX for its 1700 rounds, but i did have to bump load back up at around 1100 rounds as it had slowed down 70fps and accuracy went off, new load was 32.9gr of 2208 and speed back up to 2980fps and back to small holes
which it shot its still pending records in HG at Nats this year

but i'm about to give the 6BRA another go (got a bad 1st barrel) soon, just waiting on the copper heads to turn up and i have re-chambered my 6BRX barrel so i will tune that again
so i will let you know how they go

but i must say i couldn't of done it with the help from the guys on the forum for all my questions over the years