New SSAA Fly Rule Books now published and in force.

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New SSAA Fly Rule Books now published and in force.

Anthony Hall
Hi All,

The new rule books are now approved and I am advised that they are effective now.  They are available on the home page of this web site as well as on SSAA National Web site.

Some of the additions are as follows:

 300m now included as a practice for QLD licensing.
 If a magazine is used it is only for single rounds. (Previously not specifically stated, mainly for Rimfire).
 Bipods specifically prohibited for HG.
 Additional Shots on a target clearly defined.
 Lost target procedures defined.
 Hall Of Fame introduced.
 Proficiency Awards introduced.
 Screamer Patch introduced

You will note that Section 2 (the SSAA Standard Rules) is now a separate document so it can be updated annually without affecting the different Discipline rulebooks.

A lot of other things have been more clearly defined and should see less grey areas or things that are open to interpretation.  

I would advise all competitors to take a few minutes and read both rule books.