Results Little River 200yd and 500m Nov 2019

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Results Little River 200yd and 500m Nov 2019

Nick Aagren
The VIC State Championship for 200yd Fly and the Little River Cup 500m Fly were contested last Friday and Saturday.
Little River turned on the challenging conditions. Friday the temp soared to 34 with a 35km/h Northly gusting to 55km/h.

200yd Placings:

1st Nick Aagren 211.02
2nd Barry Tucker 201.00
3rd Andrew Fox 200.01

High Score Target and Small Group were scored by Vince Vaina on the one target: 58.01 and 1.456”. Vince said he was holding completely of the target for all 5 shots.

Despite the conditions there was little or no mirage and bullet holes were easily seen on our new 200yd frames with yellow painted metal plates sitting directly below the Fly target.

A cool change came through early Saturday morning bringing with it rain showers that persisted for most of the morning which at times impaired vision but again mirage was not a problem and bullet strikes could still be discerned throughout the day.

Congratulations to Ken Perrin who equaled the HG range record, 251.01, shot by Ian Davis in May 2008 and took out the overall 500m Fly win with his 6mm Dasher HG entry. Also congratulations to Josh Arundell for taking 1st place in LG,  his first class win, as well as 3rd in HG.

LG Placings:

1st Josh Arundell 247.00
2nd Andrew Fox 240.02
3rd Marcus Bowen 234.00
High Score Target: Matt Riches 58.03
Small Group: Matt Riches 1.673”

HG Placings:

1st Ken Perrin 251.01
2nd Jacko 238.02
3rd Josh Arundell 227.02
High Score Target: Ken Perrin 57.00
Small Group: Warren Gardiner 1.53”

2 & 3 Gun:

Congratulations to Andrew Fox who shot consistently both days to take out first place in both categories

2 Gun Placing:

1st Andrew Fox 440.03
2nd Barry Tucker 428.01
3rd Nick Aagren 424.02

3 Gun Placings:

1st Andrew Fox 659.05
2nd Ken Perrin 629.02
3rd Barry Tucker 628.02

Thanks to all competitors for making the trip and to the volunteers for making the two days run smoothly which was an enjoyable conclusion to the Fly competition for 2019. SOTY placings remain unchanged from my last update but I will confirm this in an update to that thread shortly.

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Re: Results Little River 200yd and 500m Nov 2019

David Dundas
Thanks Nick

Great shoot and very enjoyable even with everyone in great spirits despite the challanging conditions,  Both days  run smoothly and you had plenty of helpers who were shooting and volunteering on target crew or scoring etc, a big thanks to those guys\gals.
The standard of shooting was very high once again and the winners were not decided till the last cards were shot, congrats to all - very well deserved.
The highlight for me was Vince small group and best target shot in Rimfire with winds around 50kph, he was dancing a jig after he shot it - love it!
The rain was good to see after the hot day on Friday and even better it followed me all the way home to Sydney so  the farmers will be dancing as well.
It was my first 500m Fly and I wish to thank John Harris for the loan of his Stolle 6.5x47 and everyone who was so helpfull with tips and advice all weekend. Its a dam long way out there and I just need to learn more about what happens ot that little bullet beyond the 200y mark.
The Fly rules in my book, great weekend.


Dave Dundas