Rimfire Fly Results - Club Shoot @ Silverdale July

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Rimfire Fly Results - Club Shoot @ Silverdale July

David Dundas

A very cold start to the morning at home with near zero degrees but it was much warmer (7C) by the time we got to the range at Silverdale so not too bad for the Fly shooters. Things quickly warmed up but so did the breeze so that really tested the shooters as few of us had taken wind flags along.
We had 2 new Fly Shooters who were keen to give it ago so it was great seeing a few of our regulars had stayed in bed instead. Jack Lipko who is no stranger to Silverdale but usually shoots centrefire was well prepared and had sighted his bunny gun with a bipod at 200 yards so was on paper with his first shot and nearly knocked off our State title holder Dave Zucconi. Another new Fly shooter Bruce Taylor who has been winning at 50m at St Mary’s in field rifle events did not have enough elevation on his scope so had nothing to aim at and struggled to get on paper. I am sure Bruce and Jack will be back again and they said they have a couple of mates who want to try as well – I really keen to see these shooters from other disciplines come along to the Fly and give it ago.
I had the best group (under 2 inches) and highest scoring card (58.1) of the day but it was Lee McGrann who was the most consistent who won the day, was great to see Lee back shooting the Fly. I hope Lee can join the Sydney shooters for the many events coming to NSW next year with Rimfire events at Wagga, Canberra and of course the State and National titles.

Jack also bagged 4 Flies which is excellent shooting for your first attempt, well done.


1st Lee McGrann         259.6
2nd David Dundas        255.4
3rd Ed McGrann           251.3
4th Kathy Dundas        249.4
5th Dave Zuconni         221.0
6th Jack Lipko              219.4
7th Bruce Taylor           53.0

What a great mornings shooting.

Dave Dundas