WA State titles July 2022

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WA State titles July 2022

Stuart Pethy
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Well the WA Fly State Titles are done and dusted and was sponsored by Nightforce and Barry and Sons Firearms
on Saturday we the 500m DF LG and then HG. we were not blessed with good weather but storms and winds up to 50km/h but we soldered through with some rain during the shoot and very tricky winds coming straight as us flicking all over the place and nothing consistent..
Just as we finished LG the  heavens opened up and we were delayed for about 1.5 hours over lunch.
 When then got started and completed our HG warmers then the rains came again and another 30min delay as we couldn't even see the targets.
but once the rain stopped the conditions got better and we had a consistent wind straight across the range left to right and score picked up for HG

LG results
1st Stuart Pethybridge 2014.01
2nd Vince Vaina            207.05
3rd Gary Templeman   206.04
Smallest Group Tony Ryan  2.355
Highest target Gary Templeman 54.01

HG Results
1st Vince Vaina                 265.04
2nd Stuart Pethybridge  255.06
3rd Paul Patterson          242.03
Smallest group Keiton Puzey  1.459"
Highest target Vince Vaina     58.02

2 Gun CF
1st Vince    472.09
2nd Stuart 469.07
3rd Paul     437.04

RF was held on Sunday to awesome conditions and 34 shooters having a crack, the larges field we have had.
there was some tricky little wind changes throughout the event  but overall it was great

1st Paul Dunn                  270.05  (WA Record)
2nd Vince Vaina             265.05
3rd Maureen Edwards 262.03
4th Keiton Puzey who also had 262.03 but lost it on a count back as Maureen had a higher scoring target of a 58.00 compared to Keiton's best of 54.01
Smallest Group and Highest scoring target
both went to Kay Cotterell 1.35" and 59.03 (WA Record for highest target)

Junior shooter was won by Jaidyn Patterson with 214 and also walked away with the WA record for smallest group from a Junior with a 1.4" group (i need to finish measuring it)

2 Gun CF/RF
1st Vince Vaina                530.09  (WA Record)
2nd Stuart Pethybridge 498.08
3rd Paul Patterson          487.05

3 Gun
1st Vince V     737.14
2nd Stuart P  712.09
3rd Paul P 682.06

thanks to Vince for making the long trip over again and to everyone who made the weekend a great success especially Nightforce and Barry and Sons Firearms
and the NF BR 12-42x56 scope was won by Vince Vaina. he had shot 14 flys over the weekend so he had 14 tickets in the draw and looks like it worked for him haha..well done mate

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Re: WA State titles July 2022

Michael Bell
Bloody Hell Stuey!!!! Two thousand Points!!!! You are the MAN

The conditions couldn't have been too bad if Vincenzoo (the machine) Vaina can stroll out and score 265!!!

Well done to all
Michael Bell